Leicester Real Time Parking

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开发 Stuart Woolley
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Ever wondered if theres a few spaces left in the Haymarket car park? Heading over to Abbey Street and wondered if your favourite car park is filling up?

Well, we have the answer. Leicester Real Time Parking shows up to date real time parking information for a range of car parks dotted around the city centre.

Scroll down our simple and intuitive interface and select the car park youre interested in and the number of remaining spaces will be displayed.

Leicester RTP is the only way to get up to date parking information when youre heading into town.

Like our other applications, this is a simple, basic and easy to use solution for a common day to day problem.

Remember: Dont use your mobile phone while youre driving!

Disclaimer: Sometimes car parks do not always report their space information even though theyre on line and responding to our request. In this case the update time is displayed, but no space information.